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Asitav Sinha
Director, Business Development

An extremely suave man from Ranchi, Asitav Sinha set foot in the capital with a management degree from Pune University and a burning passion to excel. Right from the first opportunity as a Management Trainee in a Thai jont venture with Himachal Futuristic Communication, Asitav scorched the market with his blazing trail. Almost creating a world record in achieving the highest ever one time sales of pagers in 1997. He is the father of “Friendship Line” — a customized concept aimed specifically at the youth segment. His hunger for bigger things in life made him move as Assistant Manager (Marketing) with Anand Siag Ltd. Where he set very high standards of performance for his colleagues and the industry again. After which he moved on to lead the Northern markets for a USA company called Easylink Services Corporation in 2001 and made a mark again with converting India as one of the fastest growing / performing zones in the world. In a span of less than 8 years he has created a name for himself in the marketing world, but, the world is not enough for such large ambitions and visions. So he moved on to create a new one for himself. Equally large is his passion for sports. A voracious reader, you will always find him breathing life into many more new things at Oxygen.